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Corks and Crafts

Handmade Crafts & Fun With Friends


444 South Main Street
Englewood, OH, 45322
United States


Corks and Crafts is Dayton’s most creative way to have fun with friends while learning a new crafting skill. Join us at events in the Dayton area and unleash your inner artist.

Farmhouse Clock Events

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Farmhouse Clock Events

Farmhouse Clock.jpg
Farmhouse Clock.jpg

Farmhouse Clock Events

from 80.00

Join us for one of our most popular events, the gorgeous farmhouse clock! Start with a 2 foot round pallet base. Choose from a white, grey, or turquoise base color and stencil on your numbers. Clock hands can be flipped to show a black or white side.

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C&C Workshop is located at 444 South Main St., Englewood, OH 45322